Minimising your labour costs in a food court stall

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If you operate a food court stall, it is very important to minimise the time that your staff spend taking orders in order to maximise throughput in the stall. Using technology can be a great way to get these orders processed and help to maximise productivity. Here are some ways that point of sale equipment and mobile technology can help improve your labour costs. 


There is a range of easy to customise apps and mobile websites that can be set up for little or no cost each month. These orders can feed directly into your point of sale equipment and can even receive electronic payments directly. These orders don't require staff to take the order so can free them up to take face-to-face orders and ensure that the kitchen prepares the order so that is ready for pick up when the customer arrives. This is an advantage for the customer and the business owner, as the customer can also make the most of their limited lunch break. 

Customer self-ordering stations

There are also some stands that can be used to mount commercially available tablets so that these items can also serve as an ordering station. It is a good idea to choose a frame that is suited for food service as it is important to have a station that is sturdy and easy to clean to maintain hygiene in this area. By allowing customers to input their orders quickly and personally, you can minimise ordering time and save labour for the customers who don't want to wait for personal service. 

Customer beepers

Customer beepers or pagers summon the customer to come and collect their meals from the counter once they are prepared. This can help to free up space at the counter while the meal is being prepared and often gives the customers a better perception of wait time as they are more comfortable waiting at a table than at the counter. The meal preparation and assembly time can be recorded and tracked in the point of sale equipment to give you a good idea of how to continually improve the business. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your food court stall profitability and minimise labour costs, choosing the right point of sale equipment can be very helpful. A specialist point of sale equipment supplier can review your stall and advise on what equipment might suit your business.