3 Party Catering Tactics Requiring Minimum Intervention From The Working Professional

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Working a full week for several hours means that you have little time to do much else in your life, much less plan the catering for a full-fledged party on your own. If you want everything to run smoothly with minimal intervention from you, professional catering services will save you effort and time. Here are some party catering tactics for the working professional.

Organise Your Guest List Precisely

Your first tactic should be to organise your guest list, so that you can let the caterers know how many people to plan for. You don't have to determine the amount of food necessary here because caterers are paid for their professional planning and will establish how much food is required based on the number of guests attending your party. When sending out party invitations, include the following details when asking for RSVPs –– attendance, food allergies and dietary preferences. This will help the caterers better offer a menu plan that caters to the needs of your guests. For instance, if a couple of your guests are allergic to food items like shellfish, then the caterer will offer a menu that doesn't include shrimp or crab in it for your party.

Consider Your Preferred Menu Based On Budget

While your guests' food preferences will help you and your caterers determine the menu, your preferences should also be taken into consideration, especially since you're paying the bill. If you're on a budget, some types of meats may be more suited to your party than others simply because of their prices. For example, lamb shanks will cost you between $4 and $6 each, while beef shanks are priced between $2 and $5 each. If you're on a budget, then beef will likely be the better choice when planning the menu with your caterer. While the caterer will plan the food, being aware of your budget will help you choose food items accordingly.

Organise Servers To Ensure You Spend More Time With Your Guests

As a working professional, you have limited time to socialise, so don't waste it serving your guests. Instead, you can get your caterer to organise professional servers who will take care of your party's guests without requiring any effort from you. These servers are usually trained to discuss the ingredients with guests, so that they feel at ease knowing what is being served to them. This allows you to spend quality time enjoying your party instead of worrying about whether your guests are taken care of.

As a working professional, you generally want to make things easier for yourself –– follow these tactics when planning a party.